Here are a Few Reasons Employers are Investing in a Strong Employment Brand:

  • Cost per hire is more than 2X lower for companies with strong employer brands
  • 70% of job candidates said they were willing to accept less than their lowest desired salary to work with a company with a transparent culture / strong employment brand
  • Companies with strong employer brands have 28% lower turnover rate
  • Companies with a strong employment brand attract 3.5+ times more applications per job posting than other companies in the same industry

"The Good Jobs Badge Application process is really fun. It sure has given us a lot to think about for our company. We have a long way to go but at least we now have an outline to work with. Thank you so much."
Mary Roeming
- Owner/Vice President, Roeming Industries

"The Fun Badge Application process has really put a new perspective on the fun we incorporate into our daily routines and given us a lot of ideas we would never have considered before."
Angela Sikowski
- CFO, Ansay & Associates

"This is a really helpful way to keep us on a good path from the start. Maybe a Good Jobs start-up template down the road? How to include these in a business plan? Great idea - I look forward to growing with you and help out any way we can."
Erin McWalter
- CEO, Madison Traffic Garden

"I thought the questions were well rounded and provided a good look into our organization. Also made me think about some things that we need to improve upon."
Mike McElherne
- VP/Talent Acquisition, Waterstone Mortgage

"The Good Jobs allows us to showcase our organization's unique values and helps us to identify candidates that are a true match to our BOLD culture."
Ellen Parsons Chiesa
- Human Resources Manager, Cielo

"The Good Jobs is a great tool for us to have in our talent attraction tool belt!"
Jen Ray
- Recruiting Manager, Wireless Logic, Inc.

"TheGoodJobs.com is exciting! Your presentation lit a fire in me and I have been thinking about it ever since. Yours is the first truly innovative company I have seen in a long time. I have identified five ways you are adding value and I'm sure there are more I have not considered yet."
Jennifer Klingler
- Recruiting Operations Manager, Yoh