Talent Attraction Quiz

How does your recruitment marketing language score? The Good Jobs believes the first step in Talent Acquisition is Talent Attraction! Review each of your recruitment marketing communication channels and assess if you’re focusing on attracting the talent you’re looking to hire? Or are you focused on knocking out the talent you don’t want to hire. Are you a Talent Attractor? If not we’ll give you some recommendations on what you can do to become a Talent Attractor!

Marketing Channel


Knock OUT

for skills match


(1 = mostly Knock OUT
6 = mostly Attract IN)

Attract IN

for culture Fit
Company Career Site
Contact us/no career page
Careers/Jobs prominent and just one click from homepage
Lots of information about how company invests in customers
Lots of information about how company invests in employees
Only search jobs and apply here
Explanation of hiring process and expected timeline
Photos of products, typical pictures of happy diverse people
Photos and Videos of employee activities, interviews with real current employees
Explanation that we need talented people to serve customers
Discuss of how we invest in our employees so they can serve customers
Euphemisms like family friendly, fun, flexible, but no specifics
Transparency about how companies invest in employees. Details not marketing speech
Company Website
Customer branding heavy
Both customer and employer branding included
Candidate Communication
"You have what we need" emails/voice mail with job description/application
"We have what you want" communication describing culture
Canned ATS auto emails/form letters
Conversational honest and personalized emails
Social Media
No social media presence
LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest
No Company Profile or Profile focused only on consumers/customers
Company Profile dedicated focus on employee/job seeker and customer
Updates on products and open jobs with link to apply
Updates about employee activities, company, the planet, the community, and jobs
All social media activity is "corporate" created
Customer, employee and candidates all interact
Industry or product focused blog or no blog
Culture/talent focused blog and/or talent network/RSS feed