Marketing Intern

About The Good Jobs

The Good Jobs is a new and innovative way for companies/employers to tell their story and turn their culture and employment brand into a competitive recruiting and retention advantage. Our goal is to position The Good Jobs Culture Badges, Tools, and Company Profiles as vital marketing resources which help companies quantify and promote their culture to job seekers. Since this is a new concept for employers, the frequency of education and outreach is critical as is the consistency of our message.

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About The Job

Our Marketing Intern will work closely with The Good Jobs Team, do GOOD work and get GREAT experience. They will be responsible for a variety of tasks in three areas of concentration:

  1. Marketing to HR/Recruiting Departments of local and national employers
    • Campaign launch and promotional activities
    • The Good Jobs Blog
    • Social Media
    • PR - local and national publicity (news, publications, blogs)
    • Utilizing Pardot's full capabilities
  2. Research, data analysis and administrative support
  3. Ongoing participation in the operations of an exciting startup whose mission is to help GOOD companies attract GOOD employees.

Duties may include but not limited to:

Marketing Activities

  • Learn how to use business sales and marketing tools and technologies: including Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot etc.
  • Do research on interesting new problems related to recruiting and company culture
  • Researching and selecting 'sharable' content for social media
  • Assist with building a social media calendar
  • Assist with creating email blasts for upcoming webinars, partnerships, etc.

Customer and Administrative Support

  • Grading Culture Badge Applications
  • Creating and editing Company Profiles
  • Promoting TGJ customers' social media efforts

Most Valuable Activities

Be a witness to and involved in every part of the business process, from sales to content creation to customer discovery and company success celebrations.

What We Need From You...

The best candidates will be creative, conscientious, collaborative, and curious. Interest in business, HR, content creation, and the future of the workplace is great too!


Dates: Fall 2015 Semester and potentially beyond
Hours: up to 20 hours between 8-5pm
Rate of pay: $8.50 per hour
Location: 231 East Buffalo Street #101, Milwaukee WI (cool space)

Here's a little more about The Good Jobs

The Good Jobs is a turnkey employment branding resource that provides transparency by quantifying culture to help companies attract, hire, and retain the right talent. We help companies turn their culture into a competitive advantage.

Initial target customer is an employer that:

  1. Has a talent shortage
  2. Is proud of their culture
  3. Wants to leverage their culture to attract the right talent
We often hear our customers say, "We've got great jobs, we're a great employer and yet no one knows about us."

Our goal is to create awareness and lead generation by:

  • Mobilizing our unique voice,
  • Interacting and marshaling the voice of Recruiting and HR luminaries (bloggers, advisors), our customers, and other experts,
  • Creating our own content on culture and employment brand, and
  • Becoming seen as an expert, resource, and thought leader.

"Working with The Good Jobs gave me the opportunity to be part of something exciting, important, and interesting. The team (especially the fantastic founders, Anne and Betsy) were so supportive, acting as role models for business practices, work ethic, and life. I had the opportunity to participate in research, content creation, and business administration, experiencing the inside of a hardworking and innovative startup. And it was fun. Thank you!"
- Hannah Thompson, Marketing Intern

We are The Good Jobs – we all create the environment we work in and are committed to creating a fun, green, joyful and kind place to work with people we like and enjoy. We choose team members who enthusiastically align with our mission and our team as well as those whose differences will be complimentary and contribute to our growth.

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