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Colored Badges have been assigned (the company scored enough points to be assigned the Badge). Gray Badges mean either:
  1. The company completed the Badge Application, but did not score high enough to be assigned the badge or;
  2. The company chose not to complete the Badge Application.
In the case of #1, all of the content that the company provided us with is listed in the Company Profile. In the case of #2, some companies opt not to complete every Badge Application and if we have no information on that Badge, then we simply do not list the Badge in the Company Profile.
Good question! The Good Jobs Companies complete Culture Badge Applications and sometimes they have unique answers! When information on the Culture Badges is in italics, it means that the company has perks and benefits that goes above and beyond The Good Jobs Badge Applications. Information in italics includes the ?extra and unique? ways that individual company invests in their employees. Special Events for employees, Attractions close to the office, and personal messages from the employer!
We grade on a curve! We don't expect a company with 10 employees offers the same programs and amenities that companies with thousands of employees. That wouldn't be fair. We consider your size and weigh it carefully when awarding Badges. Each Badge Application has an Extra Credit section, too. Creativity counts! Often small businesses have an advantage to offer cool perks (like working from home when a child needs to stay home from school, etc) that larger companies can't/don't offer.
Good job! You recognize the value of a good culture, and that's the first step to improving it. We are constantly sharing ways (free webinars, best practices, white papers, etc.) to invest and improve your culture. Even if you don't think your company is ready, just going through the Badge Applications is a great place to start. The Badge Applications are a tool for you to reflect on what you are doing well, and places to improve. Even if you fall short of being assigned the Badge, we will share our ideas about places and ways you can be assigned the Badges in the future.
We do. The Good Jobs team uses proprietary criteria to review each Badge Application to determine whether a company is doing enough to warrant be assigned the Badge.
Companies complete Badge Applications. The questions posed are not aspirational or vague (like do you have a good culture?). The questions are direct (like do you have dogs at work? Yes or no). The internet by its nature creates transparency. Companies publish information here that they represent to be true. Our team investigates any claims about companies misrepresenting themselves.
We want to hear from you! The Good Jobs strives to provide an accurate picture of all of the companies represented on our site. If you feel that any information is untrue, please send us an email at: Please include the name of the company, any inaccuracies in their profile, and the dates you worked at the company. We will investigate your concern immediately.
First, you are very observant. It's true, our name is a bit misleading. If you are a job seeker who came to The Good Jobs expecting to see jobs posted, please know that we created The Good Jobs for you. Within each Company Profile, there is a link to that company's jobs, so you can access opportunities that match your desired culture, as well as skills and location.
Have a question that we didn't address here? No worries. Send us an email at and we'll get right back to you.
"The Good Jobs is a great tool for us to have in our talent attraction tool belt!"
Jen Ray
- Recruiting Manager, Wireless Logic, Inc.