Who We Are

At Trinity Precision Solutions, Inc. they have spent the last few years honing their skills and assembling a medical team to handle your most critical machining, assembly and medical device projects.

In July of 2007 Trinity Precision Solutions was born as a sister company to Reich Tool & Design. Located in a new state-of-the-art facility, the RTD Innovation Center is a 52,000 square foot facility that houses Trinity’s cleanroom, Reich Tool’s manufacturing shop, as well as their offices. They are located in the Silver Spring Technology Park just outside of Milwaukee, WI. Also, they have pre-engineered a 30,000 square-foot addition in preparation for servicing their customer’s needs in the future.


Our Philosophy

To meet the high standards of international quality and demonstrate our dedication to that quality, Trinity is ISO 9001:2008 and 13485 certified, and AS9100 compliant. All Trinity Precision Solutions employees are actively involved with “World Class/Lean Enterprise,” a program of continuous improvement. For maximum efficiency, they practice 5-S and operate with a “Total Quality Environment” for the ultimate cleanroom and floor organization.



W175 N5750 Technology Drive
Menomonee Falls WI, 53051


The following activities and amenities are available to employees to support their health and wellness:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Nutritious on-site food choices / drinks
  • Candy dish
  • Filtered / bottled water
  • Weight management classes
  • Stress reduction classes
  • Wellness education programs
  • Wellness competitions (Water and Walk Challenge, Beat the President)
  • Massage therapy
  • Areas for sports activity
  • Voluntary health testing (biometrics, health risks)
  • Access to natural ambient light
  • Healthy snacks are available
  • Nutritional advice is available in the employee newsletter
  • Trinity Precision Solutions offers an EAP that includes a variety of classes and support for all employees

Trinity Precision Solutions offers employees who are parents the following amenities and programs to help make their lives a little easier:

  • Family centered events / celebration (walks, rides, year end party)

The following programs and areas are available for employees to meet and eat their meals:

  • Cafeteria
  • Kitchen
  • Cappuccino / Coffee bar
  • Catered lunches
  • Free coffee
  • Monthly picnic lunches (May-October)
  • Taco Tuesdays (May - July)
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas meals offered to staff

The workspace at Trinity Precision Solutions offers the following amenities for employees;

  • Casual meeting spaces, i.e. cafeteria, patio (beyond conference rooms)
  • Open-plan office space
  • Private spaces to work
  • Central spaces for employees to gather, work, or relax
  • Private restrooms
  • Ability to decorate personal work space

The location of Trinity Precision Solutions facility provides a fun environment for employees:

  • Suburban location(s)
  • Restaurants, cafés in walking distance
  • Nearby yoga or athletic/fitness clubs
  • Variety of establishments nearby to socialize
  • Nearby walking or biking trails
  • Beautiful views
  • Places to relax, eat, or work outside
  • Publicly offered day care facilities
  • Publicly offered pet day care facilities
  • Farmers market
  • Financial institutions

At Trinity Precision Solutions, employees have access to:

  • Places to sit and rest
  • Comfortable break rooms
  • Ergonomic mats to stand on during shifts
  • Stable temperature – regulated throughout the year
  • Air conditioning – due to nature of cleanroom
  • Dehumidifier or humidifier systems
  • Access to natural/ambient light
  • Moderate noise

Trinity Precision Solutions offers areas where employees can have fun and play games.

  • Cafeteria
  • Picnic tables outside
  • Basketball court area
  • Bag Toss

Trinity Precision Solutions offers the following employee community building activities:

  • Company sponsored social gatherings 
  • Holiday parties and activities (Christmas Party, Thanksgiving Dinner)
  • Volunteer events (Zoo Ride, LSS Ride, and Wheelin’ for Healing – Community Memorial, Heart Walk / Run)
  • Birthday recognition
  • Goal achievement celebrations
  • Company blood drive
  • Sports team sponsorship
  • Company goal achievements

Employees have the option to participate in the following:

  • Access to personal social media 
  • Walking / outdoor meetings
  • Performance contests with prizes
  • Free parking
  • Formal or informal contests
  • Informal dress code


Extreme Perks

At Trinity Precision Solutions employees are eligible for health and welfare insurance on the first of the month after 30 days. 

  • 70% of premiums for individual and family health insurance plans is paid
  • 401(k) with employee participation effective day of hire (provided hire is 18 years old). Employer matches after coworkers employment.
  • Profit Sharing (to active employees at time of payment based on 2 quarters of net profit)
  • Choice of 2 health insurance options

The following benefits are available to full-time employees at Trinity Precision Solutions:

  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Short-term disability
  • Long-term disability
  • Dependent Care Spending Account
  • Health Insurance Spending Account
  • Same sex spouse benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Life insurance for employee's family
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Company contribution to HSA
  • 12% shift premium
  • ID Watchdog Identity Theft Protection – discounted
  • Auto and Home Insurance - discounted
  • Employer provided safety glasses

Trinity Precision Solutionsoffers 19 days of vacation (including holidays) annually for employees with one year of longevity

  • From day 1 - 5 years: 10 days vacation
  • After 5 years, 1 additional day is added for every year (20 days max)
  • 8 paid holidays and 1 floater

The following creative time-off opportunities are available:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Unpaid time-off to volunteer

The following incentives and programs are available to employees:

  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Free meals
  • Profit sharing
  • Relocation reimbursement (case by case basis)
  • Mileage reimbursement for all business miles
  • Discounted fitness membership though health plan
  • Subsidized vending machines
  • Microwaves
  • Refrigerators
  • Pizza Ovens

Corporate Responsibility

Owners have very strong beliefs around the mission and values of the organization and it is shared amongst the Trinity Precision Solutions' team.

Trinity Precision Solutions is committed to the following:

  • Improvement of community social needs and practices
  • Care and development of employees
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Values, ethics, and integrity
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Green practices
  • Quality, Technology, Advanced Manufacturing

Trinity Precision Solutions’ commitment applies to all business operations and location.

Trinity Precision Solutions measures their commitment to mission, vision and values in the following ways:

  • Employees are trained on goals, activities and results measurement
  • Executive Team reviews goals and results
  • Employee Performance Management program measures employee attention and performance related to goals and results
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Employees achievement of vision and mission is part of an annual employee review

Trinity Precision Solutionshas a clearly defined human rights policy regarding the protection of: 

  • Minority groups
  • Women's rights
  • Workers' rights
  • Prison labor
  • Child labor 

Trinity Precision Solutions services have a direct positive contribution to your company's commitment to socially responsible efforts in the following ways:

  • Our products and services contribute to improving health
  • Our products and services contribute to improving community efforts (literacy, arts, charitable organizations)
  • Our products and services help rebuild our local community

Trinity Precision Solutionsprovides at least a living wage for all of their employees.

The following documents are available to all employees:

  • Employee handbook
  • Inclusion or discrimination policy
  • Harassment policy
  • Description of how the performance management plan works
  • Description of how to apply for open positions in the company
  • Safety Handbook
  • ISO
  • SDS information
  • Safety Information Posted
  • Employment Laws
  • Accountability Charts
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • LED Board for shop communication

Trinity Precision Solutions has a published process for employees to ask questions, give feedback or complain without negative consequences.

Trinity Precision Solutions has a published process or program for employees to offer suggestions or innovations.

Trinity Precision Solutions is generous to charities and open to ideas to support.

Trinity Precision Solutions allows employees to take unpaid time off to volunteer.

Company may sponsor employee team charitable events such as:

  • Zoo Ride
  • LSS Ride
  • Wheelin’ for Healing – Community Memorial
  • Heart Walk / Run
  • Hamilton High School Robotics Club 


Trinity Precision Solutions is aligned with the following community groups:

  • Toys For Tots
  • Coats for Kids
  • Menomonee Falls Food Pantry
  • Christmas Clearing Council of Waukesha County – Toy Drive

Trinity Precision Solutions offers local High Schools and Technical Colleges tours of the facility.

Trinity Precision Solutions has a customer guarantee, customer warranty or protection policy.  

Trinity Precision Solutions monitors customer satisfaction in the following ways:

  • We have a written methodology to survey customers
  • We survey customers annually for their level of satisfaction and input
  • Current results are measured against previous results with the goal of improvement
  • Processes and operations are adjusted based on customer feedback
  • Current results are shared with leadership and some employees 

Trinity Precision Solutions has a process for customers to ask questions, give feedback or register a problem.


Trinity Precision Solutions offers the following non-traditional work arrangements for their employees: 

  • Paid internships
  • Post retirement work
  • Extended maternity / paternity leave
  • Seasonal work (Summer and Holiday)

The following scheduling options are available to hourly employees:

  • Choose the beginning and end hours (8am-4pm or 7am-3pm)
  • Work a reduced schedule during a certain time of the year on a case by case basis
  • Choose when they take breaks
  • Choose when they take meal breaks
  • Take time off during the workday to attend to important family or personal needs and they can make-up the time if they elect
  • Control the amount of overtime they work
  • Work a guaranteed minimum number of hours per week

On average, hourly employees know their regular work schedule 1-2+ weeks in advance.

Hourly employees usually know they will need to work overtime 2-6 days in advance. Usually a week notice, but hours may increase occasionally due to project need.

The following scheduling options are available to salaried employees:

  • Work from home occasionally
  • Resources are provided to remote employees (on a case by cast basis)
  • Work from an alternative location to accommodate a family need

The following technologies are offered to employees to facilitate flexibility in the workplace:

  • Company provided smartphones (salaried staff)
  • Company subsidized smartphone usage
  • Video conferencing 
  • Remote access to organizational computer system
  • Company provided laptops/tablet computers, where needed 

Employees can take unpaid time off to volunteer.

Trinity Precision Solutions offers the following time-off / vacation options for employees:

  • Take an extended career break for care giving or other family responsibilities
  • Unused vacation time can be carried over to future year(s) on a case by case basis
  • Bereavement paid time off for the passing of their family
  • Time off during the workday to attend to important family or personal needs on a case by case basis
  • Return to work gradually after childbirth or adoption on a case by case basis





Trinity Precision Solutions mission statement includes a commitment to the following:

  • Care and development of employees
  • Values, ethics, and integrity
  • Inclusion and diversity

Trinity Precision Solutions has a clearly defined human rights policy regarding the protection of

  • Minority Groups
  • Women's rights
  • Workers' rights
  • Prison labor
  • Child labor

Trinity Precision Solutions implements their inclusion and diversity commitment in the following ways:

  • Equal opportunity employment policy
  • Specific, targeted recruitment plans
  • Prominently displayed inclusive non-discrimination policy in recruitment materials
  • Philanthropic support of groups/charities relating to diverse groups
  • Senior management has diverse representation
  • Company owners have diverse representation

The commitments above apply to the following employee groups:

  • Women
  • Minorities
  • Those over 40
  • LGBTQ community
  • Military
  • Those with disabilities
  • All gender identities
  • Parents

Trinity Precision Solutions offers the following benefits:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Employer paid Long-Term Disability
  • Employer Paid Life Insurance
  • Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance, for employee and family
  • Voluntary Accident and Critical Illness plans
  • Voluntary Short-term Disability plan
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Return to Work Program
  • 401(k)
  • Profit Sharing Program 

Trinity Precision Solutions offers parity between employees with different-sex spouses and same-sex spouses.

Trinity Precision Solutions allows non-traditional appearances (tattoos, piercings, etc.)

Career Development

Trinity Precision Solutions strives to make each individual successful and offers opportunity for growth.

Fritz Reich, President, offers an orientation and communication program twice a year for new employees. The program is to showcase the history and culture of the company, and team expectations.

Trinity Precision Solutions' budget and financial statements include a line item for employee training and development.

Trinity Precision Solutions' training and development program is aligned with company goals and applies to all employees.

At Trinity Precision Solutions, the investment in employee training and development further aligns employees with their personal career and meets the technological needs of our customers.

At Trinity Precision Solutions, managers’ performance is appraised based on their ability to develop their employees.

Each year, Trinity Precision Solutions plans for 8 training hours for each employee.

  • Company goals and objectives expect at least 8 hours per employee, but many employees exceed the minimum to as many as 20 or more hours of training.

The following training and development programs and amenities are offered to various employee groups:

  • Participation in professional or trade organizations that is paid in full by the company
  • Employees able to use work hours to participate in professional organization or trade association meetings, committees and events
  • Employee/Peer Mentor Program (employees are mentored by their peers)
  • The opportunity to work with external mentors
  • Formal Apprenticeship Program
  • Tuition reimbursement for degree granting education programs
  • Tuition reimbursement for non-degree granting education programs
  • Developmental opportunities for project assignments
  • Job rotation program
  • Career path planning
  • Career Pathing is structured in each manufacturing department. Employees progress with experience, skills, and success.
    • For example: Assembler, Ultrasonic washer, Wire former, cell leader, supervisor
  • One-to-one coaching, performance evaluations and/or 360 evaluations
  • The opportunity to cross train in skills other than those in their current job responsibilities
  • Training to enhance promotability
  • Training to enhance current job skills

Trinity Precision Solutions Performance Evaluation program is called Performance Management Process (salaried and supervisors) and Employee Evaluation (hourly). Each includes a self-evaluation as well as a supervisor evaluation.

Trinity Precision Solutions employees have the chance to participate in the following training and development programs:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving training
  • Customer service
  • Diversity/Inclusion
  • Harassment
  • Safety
  • Waste reduction
  • Ecology/Conservation
  • Entry-level employee job skills
  • Supervisory training for first time managers
  • Supervisor/management skills
  • How to orient a new employee
  • How to be a mentor
  • Accounting/finance for non-financial professionals
  • Performance management plan
  • Employee performance coaching
  • Technical skills training


  • Office skills (Microsoft Office, Excel)
  • Culture/employment brand
  • Consumer brand
  • Innovation
  • Time management
  • Quality Methodologies (TQM, SixSigma, ISO, TPM, etc)
  • As a member of MRA, a catalog of courses is offered to all employees
  • Employees may participate in training classes at MATC and WCTC
  • AS9100
  • 5S (Lean Principles)
  • TRINITY Precision Solutions is always willing to help individuals enhance their personal skills and enhance the company’s ability to grow and serve customers
  • Team members belong to a variety of professional organizations (SHRM, ASQ, APA, PMA) 

Trinity Precision Solutions, Inc.

Number of Employees
 Locations: 1
Location Types
Suburban (office park/campus)
Business Founded

Complete medical device contract manufacturing specializing in:

- Cleanroom Device Assembly

- CNC wireforming

- CNC machining

- CNC turning

- CNC Swiss turning

- Wire EDM

- Advanced Machining

- Automated Ultrasonic Washing 

- Passivation Systems Automation Building