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Granite MEDSystems is a global provider of complete, turnkey electro-mechanical solutions exclusively for the medical OEM.  With ISO 13485 certified facilities in North America and Asia, we’re equipped to service facilities anywhere in the world.  Our in-house expertise in the design and manufacturing of mechanical assemblies, computing solutions, and electronic circuit design result in extremely reliable products with controlled lifecycles.  Granite has long been a trusted partner of many global tier-one medical OEMs, including Philips, GE, Siemens, Abbott and many more.

Our Philosophy

The Granite Team is a hand picked team of top notch Associates who offer world class design and manufacturing services to our healthcare OEM partners. We are able to provide products and services of the highest quality through the dedicated efforts of our entire professional team that consists of talented Electrical / Electronic Design Engineers; Mechanical Design Engineers; Software Design Engineers; Strategic Account Managers; Business Development Managers; Manufacturing Professionals and Business Personnel.   

One of our overall philosophies is to treat our Associates, vendors and customers the way we would like to be treated.  This has been a winning strategy which we will continue to promote and practice. It is dependant on all of our efforts to work together in a spirit of positive cooperation and collaboration.  

Granite has a unique organization chart, one that shows that all Granite Associates are accountable to our customers.  Thus, the reason why the customer is at the center of our organization chart and should always be thought of as our ultimate supervisor and judge. 

Our goal is to continue our growth by building on our outstanding reputation for quality products and services. We also take pride in the strong, long term relationships that we have with each of our valued customers.  The credit and responsibility for this can be attributed to every one of our Associates.




10202 N. Enterprise Dr.
Mequon WI, 53092

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Joint Venture Announced Between Granite MEDSystems and Bjorksten

Granite MEDSystem Recently Completed a Collaborative Project with MIAD


12.10.12 Granite is pleased to announce a strengthening of the decades long strategic alliance with Intel.  The Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance - Associate Level gives Granite an opportunity to work directly with Intel folks across the globe.

This offers the Healthcare OEM a perfect blend of compute solutions combined with Granite's ability to offer long-life, consistent hardware.

Granite is ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003 certified.  We also manage certifications and audits by UL, CE, ETL, China CCC and many others.

Fun Badge --

The following programs that promote health and wellness are available for employees:

  • Wellness programs
  • Wellness competitions
  • Biking or hiking trails are on-site or near by
  • On-site areas for sports activity - like basketball or tennis court
  • Annual Wellness Fair (company funded flu shots, Biometric screen, massages)
  • Discounted Y membership

Employees have the following available on-site for their meals and breaks:

  • Cappuccino/Coffee Bar
  • Kitchen available
  • Popcorn machine freashly popped several times a day. 
  • Monthly company sponsored luncheons (cook outs during summer months)

Employees can participate in the following fun and games:

  • Ping pong/air hockey/foosball/pool tables etc.
  • Video games
  • Game room
The following community building activities are available:

  • Company sports-team sponsorship
  • Holiday party(s) and activities
  • Birthday recognition
  • Work Anniversary Recognition
  • Goal Achievement Recognition
  • Special events/sports tickets that are company sponsored and shared

Employees can participate in the following:

  • Personal music choices during work (headphones, radio, CD)
  • No dress code
  • Company coordinated discount program for non-company products/services
  • Free parking

Flextime Badge --

Non-traditional work arrangements are available to employees:

  • Seasonal work (summer)
  • Paid internships

Scheduling options available to hourly employees can generally or on a case by case basis:

  • Choose the hours they work (start and stop times) within a range of hours      
  • Choose when they take breaks from work      
  • Choose when they take their meal breaks      
  • Control the amount of overtime they choose to work (without negative ramifications), when overtime is needed      

Hourly employees know their schedule 4+ weeks in advance of their schedule and are notified 2-6 days in advance if they need to work overtime.

Flexible scheduling options are available to salaried employees:

  • Choose the hours they work (start and stop times) within a range of hours 
  • Work from home occasionally      
  • Work from an alternative (remote) location to accommodate a family crisis/need 

The following tools are available so employees can work together with ease and flexibility:

  • Company provided smartphones
  • Remote access to organizational computer system
  • Company provided laptops/tablet computers (for some but not all employees)
The following paid-time-off (PTO) options are available to employees:
  • Use of sick time for ill dependents      
  • Carry over unused sick to future years(s) 
  • A limited amount of unused vacation time can be carried over to future year(s) 
  • Utilize bereavement time off for the passing of their family and/or partners    
  • Return to work gradually after childbirth or adoption 

Granite MedSystems

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