Who We Are

At Copps, we get that you don’t live to shop—you shop to live. But shopping for food doesn’t have to be another mundane checkmark on your list of things to do. That’s why we’re always pushing for the freshest of the fresh. Something new every day.

We are the premier grocery store group operating in central and northern Wisconsin. Our 25 stores happily serve customers in all major communities.

Copps Food Center, originally founded by the Copps family and based in Steven's Point, Wisconsin, began its history in 1892 when E.M. Copps began selling food, grain and other items to loggers, river men and farmers. Incorporated in 1912, Copps continued to operate under family ownership until the company was aquired by Roundy's in 2001.

Copps proudly features Roundy’s brand products, which have quickly become shopper favorites with quality that meets, and many times exceeds, national brands at a substantial savings.

Our Philosophy

Copps wants to make a difference in the communities we serve. We believe passionately in giving back to the neighborhoods and towns that support our stores. In addition to our formal community support store programs, we are actively engaged at the local level serving community groups and non-profit organizations through a variety of activities.

Copps’ parent company Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc. has been named Outstanding Regional retailer by Progressive Grocer. Contributing to the win was the company’s one-customer-at-a-time approach to service and a commitment to giving back to the communities where our customers and team members live and work.


875 E. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee WI, 53202

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Copps offers employees who are parents the following amenities and programs to help make their lives a little easier:

  • On-site bank / ATM
  • Copps is a convenient grocery store for all employees and their families
  • Pharmacy on-site – some locations

Copps offers the following service that help employees with day-to-day non-work needs:

  • Private space for nursing mothers

The following activities and amenities are available to employees to help support their health and wellness:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Nutritious on-site food choices
  • Filtered / bottled water
  • Access to natural ambient light
  • Clean air / good ventilation
  • Private restrooms
  • Low noise
  • Online and toll free number smoking cessation program
  • Online health assessments
  • Wellness education programs – some locations
  • On-site health center / pharmacy – some locations
  • On-site nurse / doctor – some locations
  • Biking or hiking trails on-site or nearby – some locations
  • Areas for sports activities – some locations

The following programs and areas are available for employees to meet and eat their meals:

  • Cappuccino / Coffee bar – some locations
  • Break lounge with kitchen amenities
  • Organic / gluten-free / vegan food available
  • Deli, hot food services, soup and salad bar

Copps offers the following employee community building activities:

  • Company sponsored social gatherings 
  • Holiday parties and activities
  • Volunteer events 
  • Birthday recognition
  • Work anniversary recognition
  • Goal achievement celebrations
  • Shared special events/sports tickets – some locations
  • Break rooms with games – some locations
  • “Brag Boards” to recognize employee milestones – some locations
  • Employee newsletter – some locations
  • Raffles/lotteries for National Sports tickets – some locations

Roundy's - Green Shirt Party Roundy's - Green Shirt Party

Roundy's - Rosewall

The following eco-conscious options are available to employees at all locations:

  • Carpooling coordination – some locations
  • Informal carpooling coordination – case-by-case basis
  • Access to public transportation – some locations
  • Bike parking

Employees have the option to participate in the following:

  • Discounts on company products  (for all on occasion)
  • Company coordinated discount program with partner companies
  • Company products available for consumption at work
  • Performance contests with prizes 
  • Free parking

Extreme Perks

At Copps, full-time employees are eligible for health and welfare insurance benefits the first of the month after 60 days.

Copps pays at least 70% of the individual and family health insurance plans for eligible employees.

Copps offers a full match on a 401(k) plan prior to 1 year of employment.

Copps has two health insurance options to employees who are eligible to receive benefits. 

The following benefits are available to full-time employees at Copps:

  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Short-term disability
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Same sex spouse benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Life insurance for employee's family
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Voluntary critical illness and accident plans
  • Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
  • 100% Company Funded Company Paid Smoking Cessation Program for employees and family
  • Employee health and well-being discounts

Copps offers 19 days of paid time-off (including vacation days, sick days, personal days, holidays) annually for employees with more than one full year of service with the company.

The following creative time-off opportunities are available:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Unpaid time-off to volunteer
  • Employees identify the hours they are available and will usually be accommodated
  • Personal leave of absence is available to employees for extended time off requests up to 30 days

The following incentives or incentive programs are available to employees:

  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Discounts for other services and products for employees
  • Flu shots
  • Employees are eligible to apply for Educational Scholarships
  • Company product discounts occasionally
  • Discounted Fitness Club Memberships

Roundy's Perkspot

Corporate Responsibility

Copps’ Mission Statement:

Copps understands the lifestyle needs of consumers better than anyone. We deliver products and services in neighborhood stores that offer an engaging, interactive shopping experience on all levels, especially sight, smell and taste.

We are an innovative company that:

  • Takes care of the customer, whatever it takes.
  • Values our employees’ talents and skills.
  • Is known for integrity in all of our work.
  • Wins the hearts and minds of customers, employees, suppliers and partners.
  • Involves and inspires all stakeholders to do their very best.

Copps’ Guiding Principles

The following Guiding Principles were created from what store teams, support teams, and our customers have said about what is important to have a great shopping and working environment.

We Put the Customer First

We share the same competitive spirit and passion for exceptional service. We win when the customer is at the center of all.

Authentic: We are sincere and straight forward with customers and each other.

Caring: We genuinely care about each other and our customers, sensitive to needs and expectations.

Responsive: We serve with a Customer First friendly style and sense of urgency.

Empowered: We take personal responsibility to solve problems and go out of our way to delight our customers.

Productive: We are efficient at everything we do, striving for goals well beyond what were once thought achievable.

Knowledgeable: We are accomplished, friendly category experts who are always learning and improving. Status quo is not in our dictionary. We work to be better each and every day.

Dedicated: We are proud to serve our customers and contribute to the well-being of our communities.

Creative: We want to inspire our customers, encourage trial of unique products, continuously reinvent our service ideals to wow our customers and be creative in adding fun and value to the customer experience

Copps is committed to the following:

  • Improvement of community social needs and practices
  • Care and development of employees
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Human rights
  • Values, ethics, and integrity
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Commitment to Customers – “Customers First”

Copps commitment applies to all business operations and locations.  


Copps measures their commitment to mission, vision and values in the following ways:

  • Quantifiable goals are documented
  • Goals are clearly described to employees
  • Activities that achieve goals are documented
  • Employees are trained on goals, activities and results measurement
  • Year-over-year results are measured, published, and validated by a third party
  • Board of Directors or other governing body reviews goals and results
  • Employee Performance Management program measures employee attention and performance related to goals and results
  • Customer satisfaction is measured, published, and reviewed at the store level and corporate level daily


Copps is a retail environment and employees create their desired schedule and / or additional income as a second job.

Copps offers the following non-traditional work arrangements for their employees: 

  • Seasonal work (summer, holiday)
  • High school student employment opportunities
  • Post retirement work
  • Employees identify the hours they are available and will usually be accommodated

The following scheduling options are available to hourly employees:

  • Choose availability upon hire for days and hours available to work
  • Choose flexible work shifts, including third shift or early morning options for some positions
  • Work a reduced schedule during a certain time of the year
  • Change from full time to part time while remaining in the same position or level
  • Decide which shift they work
  • Choose when they take breaks – case-by-case basis
  • Choose when they take meal breaks – case-by-case basis

On average, hourly employees know their regular work schedule 1-2 weeks in advance.

Copps employees are encouraged to volunteer outside of scheduled work hours.

Copps offers the following paid time-off (PTO) options for employees:

  • Take an extended career break for care giving or other family responsibilities
  • Use of personal time for ill dependents
  • Bereavement time off for the passing of their family or partner
  • Time off during the workday to attend to important family or personal needs – case-by-case basis


Although Copps didn’t earn the Inclusion Culture Badge, we still wanted to share the programs, activities or amenities that highlight their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Copps’ mission statement includes a commitment to the following:

  • Commitment to improve community social needs and practices
  • Care and development of employees
  • Values, ethics, and integrity
  • Inclusion and diversity

Copps’ mission applies to all business operations and locations.

Copps’ equal employment opportunity policy and specific targeted recruitment plans include all employees:

There is an officially recognized employee or affinity group for female leaders.

  • Women and Leadership Council

A percentage of funds go towards women related charities.

Copps’ senior leadership (VP and above), Board of Directors and or Advisory Board Members represented in the following groups:

  • Women
  • Those over the age of 40
  • Parents
  • Cultural diversity

Copps offers to Single Employees, Different Sex Spouses, Same Sex Spouses, and Family and Dependents the following benefits:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Copps offers the following benefits to Single, Different Sex Spouses, and Family and Dependents the following benefits:

  • Employee Paid Supplemental Life Insurance

Copps has a clearly defined human rights policy regarding the protection of

  • Minority groups
  • Women's rights

Career Development

Copps’ budget and financial statements include a line item for employee training and development.

Copps’ training and development program applies to all employees.

  • Copps eLearning training platform
  • The “Passport Program” contains everything an employee may need to be successful in their position.
  • The Productivity Center is an educational resource for Microsoft software.
  • The OMT (Operations Management Training) Program is a leadership development program for new and recent college graduates. 

Each year, Copps plans for 16-20 training hours for each employee.

The following training and development programs and amenities are offered to all employee groups:

  • On-line Learning Management System (LMS) - offers more than 300 online classes
  • Formal Apprenticeship Program - (Program specific for meat cutters)
  • One-to-one coaching and performance evaluations
  • The opportunity to cross train in skills others than those in their current job responsibilities
  • Training to enhance their promotability
  • Training to enhance their current job skills
  • Tuition Reimbursement for degree granting education programs
  • Tuition Reimbursement for non-degree granting education programs

The following training and development programs and opportunities are offered to salaried, supervisory/management, and executive employees:

  • Employees able to use work hours to participate in professional organization or trade association meetings, committees and events
  • Career Path planning
  • Succession Planning Program or Strategy

The following training and development programs and opportunities are offered to supervisory/management and executive employees only:

  • Participation in professional or trade organizations that is paid in full by the company
  • Participation in professional or trade organizations that is subsidized by the company
  • Employee/Peer Mentor Program (employees are mentored by their peers)

All Copps employees have the chance to participate in the following training and development programs:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving training
  • Customer service
  • Diversity/Inclusion
  • Harassment-free workplace
  • Safety
  • Waste Reduction
  • Entry-level employee job skills
  • Leadership training for first time managers
  • Leadership/management skills
  • How to orient a new employee
  • Sales/business development
  • Negotiation skills
  • Accounting/Finance for non-financial professionals
  • Performance Management Plan
  • Technical skills training
  • Copps consumer brand

Roundy's - Leadership Academy

Copps’ salaried, supervisory/management, and executive employees have the chance to participate in the following training and development programs:

  • How to be a mentor
  • Time Management
  • Employee performance coaching
  • Generations at work
  • Coaching and development
  • Customer service and engagement

Some Copps stores have translators to assist hearing impaired and Spanish-speaking employees and customers.

Food Safety Certification Training Program is available to all management employees.


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 Locations: 25
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