Who We Are

Since our inception in 1996, bswift's goal has been to use technology and information to simplify the administration of health care, reduce costs and empower consumers. In the beginning, we were known as Platinum Healthcare, a company that set out to change the world and transform healthcare by creating the first web-based CDH (Consumer-Driven Health) plan. In the process, we discovered that there was great market demand for an online benefits enrollment/administration system, so we built one. It worked pretty darn well. In fact, version 1.0 of our benefits enrollment system was a finalist out of 15,000 entrants in Microsoft's 1999 e-commerce system competition. Today, bswift offers software and services that streamline benefits, HR and payroll administration for employers and public and private exchanges nationwide, making life easier for millions of people who enroll in benefits with bswift.




Our Philosophy

bswift prides itself on its fun, friendly and smart staff that goes the extra mile to get the job done right. We offer the excitement and opportunity of a rapidly growing company with the stability of an experienced management team, a blue-chip client base and a proven track record of success.

We're looking for hard- working, self-starting, dynamic individuals who are up to the challenge of working in a fast-paced, service-oriented environment. The reward is a fun, flexible and creative environment with the opportunity for the professional and personal growth.

Learn more about our values and culture with this video.



10 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 1100
Chicago IL, 60606

Social Media

Employee Testimonials


“bswift is a progressive and growing company in an industry that continues to prove itself more and more relevant in today’s world. The future for bswift is exhilarating and inspires us to contribute to and live out our core values: higher standards, greater accountability and more fun.”

- Ashley Hackett, Project Manager, bswift Exchange Solutions
Joined bswift 4 years ago as an Analyst


“Our development team is made up of a diverse group of people with a wide array of programming skills and backgrounds. Combined with a great management team, the end result is a fun and flexible work environment.”

- Rod Ganesan, Senior Software Developer
Joined bswift 4 years ago as a Junior Software Developer



News & Press

"bswift launches private health exchange," discusses bswift's new private exchange, Springboard Marketplace. Based on a defined contribution model, the exchange streamlines benefits year round and includes ancillary and voluntary benefits offered through leading carriers.

"Federal HIX delays SHOP choices until 2015," discusses how states with their own insurance exchange marketplace are moving forward with small business health options for 2014. The article mentions bswift’s partnership with Access Health CT and HealthPass. Don Garlitz, Executive Director of bswift Exchange Solutions, says of the delay, “It is very complicated and I can see, if you don’t have all that quite figured out, a delay might be in order. It could be somewhat technological, it could be some aspect of carrier reluctance.”

“Four Myths about Private Health-Care Exchanges.” Don Garlitz, Executive Director of bswift Exchange Solutions, debunks the top four myths surrounding private health exchanges and what employers of 50 or more employees plan to do in 2014.

Industry Insights

Our values and culture.


At bswift, we take fun very seriously (check out our "Fun at Work" page to see how serious we are). In 2010, we launched the Fun at Work Award in order to formally recognize other companies who embrace fun in the workplace like we do. 

We asked people to email us about their fun company culture and then bswift's Fun Committee, led by Chief Fun Officer Patrick McGarrity, judged the entries. The now annual effort has been a great way for us to learn what other companies are doing, elevate the "art" and importance of fun, and share some great ideas for creating a great place to work. Learn about our past award winners by visiting our Hall of Fame page.

Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies To Work For, National Association for Business Resources (NABR), 2015

Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the U.S., National Association For Business Resources (NABR), 2014

101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in Chicago, 101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For, 2011

101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in Chicago, 101 Best and Brightest, 2010 



Who wouldn't have fun working at an office with a view like this!?

bswift employees have access to the bCafe with a seating area and a kitchen with premium coffee. 

At the headquarters location, Ping-Pong and foosball are available to employees.

A word from bswift:

"Because 'More Fun' is one of our corporate values (along with 'Higher Standards' and 'Greater Accountability'), our trainers make sure to fit fun in along the way. Employees can participate in quizzes, games and surveys related to enhancements in our system."

Employees enjoy spending time together, whether in meetings or while making breakfast! More pictures below of fun activities.

The following activities are available to employees:

  • Company-sponsored social get-togethers
  • Holiday parties
  • Friday night socials
  • Company blood drive
  • Volunteer events
  • Birthday recognition
  • Work anniversary recognition
  • Goal achievement celebrations
  • Company sponsored special events / sports tickets

bswift's Fun Committee organizes numerous activities, including an indoor miniature golf game, a pie-eating contest on Pi Day (March 14), a caramel apple eating contest, trivia games, a scavenger hunt throughout Chicago, themed days (i.e. milkshake day, hot chocolate day, bubble gum day etc.), holiday parties, a chili cook-off and all-you-can-eat pizza parties.

The following amenities are offered for eco-conscious employees:

  • Indoor bike parking
  • Commuter Benefit: Employees are offered the opportunity to pay for public transportation with pre-tax dollars

The following amenities and opportunities are given to employees at bswift:

  • Access to personal social media
  • Outdoor meetings

In their own words:
"We value the opinions of our employees and are always striving to improve our work environment. If it wasn't for our hardworking and dedicated employees, we would not be the great company that we are today!"

Employees have fun inside AND outside the office!

Extreme Perks

All employees who are eligible for health insurance can become eligible within the first 30 days of employment.

bswift offers a partial match to an Employee Retirement Plan, a 401(k), pension, or profit sharing for full-time employees prior to one year of employment.

  • bswift matches 100% of the first 6%. Employees are eligible on the first of the month following their start date with 100% investment from day one!!

bswift offers more than one health insurance plan for employees:

  • Though Aetna, bswift’s parent company, bswift employees are offered several health plans with either a Health Savings Account or                                           Health Reimbursement Account based on employees choice

In addition to standard health care coverage, the following benefits are available to employees the first of the month following hire date:

  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Disability
    • Long-term disability
    • Short-term disability
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Health Insurance Spending Account
  • Domestic partner benefits
  • Same sex spouse benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Life insurance for employees' family
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Mass Transit Commuting Flexible Spending Accounts

Employees' paid time-off (PTO) encompasses time for ill-dependents.

As a personal service for employees, bswift provides complimentary fresh fruit.

For employees who are parents, bswift offers the following:

  • Private space for nursing mothers
  • The ability to bring their child to work occasionally

The following creative time-off opportunities are available for employees at bswift:

  • Flexible work hours - for some employees at manager's discretion
  • Paid time-off to volunteer
  • Unpaid time-off to volunteer - at manager's discretion
  • Summer hours

The following financial incentives are available to employees at bswift (excluding executives):

  • Free meals
  • Legal services program
  • Personal finance assisting program

The following programs, activities, and amenities are available to employees at bswift:

  • On-site flu shots
  • Massages during Open Enrollment season
  • Walking treadmill desk
  • Foosball and Ping-Pong tables
  • Zen room for relaxation and nursing mothers
  • Blood pressure and BMI/weight station
  • Open Enrollment Survival Kits for employees
  • Full week of employee appreciation
  • Proximity to public transportation

Visit our Fun Badge for more perks!

Corporate Responsibility

bswift's mission statement highlights the company's commitment to corporate and social responsibility, philanthropy, ethics, integrity, and values:

  • Higher standards, greater accountability, more fun!

The company is committed to the following in all business locations:

  • Care and development of employees
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Documentation of quantifiable goals
  • Documentation of activities that achieve goals
  • Employee Performance Management Program, which measures employee attention and performance related to goals and results

The following reporting practices are used by bswift to measure commitments and achievements relating to their mission and values:

  • Goals are clearly described to employees
  • Documentation of activities that achieve goals
  • Employees are trained on goals, activities, and results management
  • Employee Performance Management Program, which measures employee attention and performance related to goals and results

bswift's services have a direct positive contribution to socially responsible efforts:

  • Services contribute to improving health

bswift's CEO and Executive VP both have great passion and are equally committed to guiding the company's core values.

The following documents are available to all employees:

  • Employee handbook 
  • Inclusion or discrimination policy
  • Harassment policy
  • Description on how to post for open positions with the company

bswift has a published process for employee feedback: 

  • Net Promoter Score
  • Town Hall Meeting
  • Executive Open Door Policy
  • Employee recommendations for system improvements are received and tracked as part of the "Ticket Tracker"

Annual Employee opinion survey is conducted each year with process improvement plans required of each manager. In addition, bswift conducts an eNPS survey each quarter to measure how likely employee are to recommend bswift as an employer to their friends and family.

Employees can take unpaid time off to volunteer during the work day.

The company's bCause Committee is dedicated to giving back to the community. bCause keeps the employees up-to-date on causes and charities and organizes a few events a year during the workday. It also organizes several volunteer events during the weekend.

The following charities and community groups receive time, money, or volunteer investments from bswfit:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • Greater Chicago Food Depository
  • Chicago Cares
  • Santa's Helper - Chicago Sun Times
  • Message From The Heart
  • American Lung Society
  • Lungevity
  • Children International
  • American Foundation of Suicide Prevention
  • Special Olympics of Illinois
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • Christine Sapienza Colon Cancer Fund
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Erika's Lighthouse
  • BreastCancer.org
  • La Casa Norte
  • Hike for Lung Care

The following methods are used to monitor customer satisfaction:

  • Net Promoter Score surveys customers semi-annually for satisfaction
  • Written methodology to survey customers
  • Current results are measured against previous results with the goal of improvement
  • Current results are shared with employees
  • Processes and operations are adjusted based on customer feedback


A word from bswift:

"At bswift, we fully understand that there needs to be a balance between work life and home life, and we have a work-from-home policy that helps many of our employees balance the two. bswift recognizes that its employees have important lives outside of work, and we try to be as flexible as possible so that employees feel that they can not only get their work done but take care of important personal matters as well."

bswift offers the following non-traditional work arrangements for their employees:

  • Temporary work assignments
  • Project only work assignments (defined beginning and end times/goals)
  • Seasonal work (summer, holiday)

The following scheduling options are offered to salaried employees at bswift:

  • Choice of beginning and end hours 
  • Work from home occasionally
  • Resources for remote employees
  • On a case-by-case basis:
    • Salaried employees work a part-time schedule
    • Transitioning from full-time to part-time without losing position or level
    • Work from home regularly
    • Work from an alternative location to attend to an important family need

The following technologies are offered to employees to facilitate flexibility in the workplace:

  • Remote access to the corporate network
  • Video conferencing
  • Company provided laptops/tablets/computers
  • Subsidized internet access - regular remote employees

Employees at bswift are allowed to take unpaid time off to volunteer.

The company's bCause Committee is dedicated to helping and giving back to the community. bCause keeps bswift employees up-to-date on causes and charities and organizes a few events a year during the workday. It also organizes several volunteer events during the weekend.

The following paid time-off options are available to employees at bswift:

  • Use of PTO for personal time or care for ill dependents
  • The ability to carry over unused sick/personal time for future years - up to 5 days, can be taken in half-day increments
  • Bereavement time off for passing of family members or partners
  • Bereavement time off for the passing of a pet
  • Time off during the workday to attend to important family or personal needs
  • An extended career break for care giving or other family responsibilities 
  • The ability to go back to work gradually after childbirth or adoption

Career Development

A word from bswift:

"Because 'More Fun' is one of our corporate values (along with 'Higher Standards' and 'Greater Accountability'), our trainers make sure to fit fun in along the way. Employees can participate in quizzes, games and surveys related to enhancements in our system."

bswift's budget and financial statements include employee training and development.

The employees attend training sessions from day one, led by both bswift employees and client and vendor representatives. New employees are introduced to bswift's culture through an open discussion breakfast with members of the leadership team. bswift also has a 90-day Client Services Associate Program for new entry-level employees that includes benefits training, professional development, presentation skills and a final exam. At the end of the training program, employees graduate to become Direct Team Analysts or Channel Partners Analysts.

The training program curriculum aligns with the company goals at bswift.

bswift employees enjoy working together as a team towards a common goal!

bswift employees receive at least 20 hours of career development training annually. 

The following training and development programs are offered to all employee levels:

  • Hospitality Service Training
  • Communication 
  • Customer service
  • Problem solving 
  • Safety
  • Technical skills
  • Office software skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Culture/Employment brand
  • Consumer brand
  • Time management - client services employees
  • Sales/Business development - sales personnel
  • Client Satisfaction Methodologies (Net Promoter Score)


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