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Ansay & Associates is a family owned independent insurance agency founded in 1946. Ansay & Associates supports clients through insurance companies committed to providing stable, competitive products. As a team of insurance professionals that pride themselves on personalized service and integrity, you can trust in a relationship that provides value beyond the insurance product.

"Our customers enjoy personal relationships grounded in uncompromising values built from a foundation of trust, integrity & respect"- Adolph N. Ansay



Our Philosophy

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At Ansay & Associates, they believe people are the backbone of their prosperity and future success. They are always looking for high-caliber results-oriented people to join the organization, which offers a great workplace and a wide range of benefits.






101 E Grand Ave, Suite 11
Port Washington WI, 53074

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Employee Testimonials

I love to help customers; it’s a great place to work, co-workers are awesome, I love it

- Connie Easland: Account Executive - Madison Office 

I started out doing Administrative work. I loved being at Ansay, they gave me the opportunity to
further my employment and do a full-time position in the Select Department and
I was able to help customers out by answering their questions more.  And I am definitely more interested now in the Insurance process.

- Liz Secor:  Select Account Manager - Green Bay Office

One of the things I like about coming to Ansay is the knowledge of the people that I work with and also
the team that I work with at this time; that is one of the biggest things.  I have been in the business for quite sometime, and I probably have not met anyone as knowledgeable as she (Barb
Schroeder) is.  Ansay is a great place to work at!

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A word from Ansay & Associates, LLC:

"Insurance is not always viewed as a fun industry but it's always exciting doing it The Ansay Way."

Ansay & Associates employees love to have fun in and out of the office!

At All Locations

  • Private space for nursing mothers
  • Bring a child to work day (includes Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles etc.)

At Some Locations

  • Farmers Market

Ansay & Associates, LLC offers the following programs to promote health and wellness:

At all locations:

  • Nutritional advice
    • Lunch and Learns with Nutritionists
  • Comprehensive Wellness Education Programs
    • Includes biometric testing, health risk assessments and health coaching
  • Wellness Committee
    • Employee representatives determine how to execute and promote wellness initiatives in their location. The Ansay Wellness Committee is a very active and strong influence on the company culture. Each quarter a wellness theme is chosen and the education and activities for this quarter are centered around this theme.
  • Wellness competitions and activities
    • Trim to Win Annual Weight Loss Challenge -- The "Trim to Win" challenge has its own page on the Ansay Intranet where participants can post tips, tricks or frustrations. This year we had 40% participation and the biggest loser lost over 40lbs!
    • Four themes this year were Fitness, Weight Loss, Work/Life Balance and Stress Relief. Activities held in conjunction with these themes: Offices shut down for group walks etc.
  • On-site massage therapy - 100% Company paid and organized by Wellness Committee
  • Weight management classes
  • Biking or hiking trails on-site or near by

HQ Only:

  • On-site fitness center (treadmills, ellipticals and weights)

These programs are available for Ansay & Associates, LLC employees for breaks and meals:

At all locations:

  • Kitchen amenities
  • Popcorn machines
  • Monthly staff meetings centered around presentation and group meal
    • One office chose to do a "Top of the Morning" setting where employees gather for breakfast while at the Corporate HQ where a "Soup/Salad Day" type meeting was held in a potluck forums

At some locations:

  • Cappuccino/coffee bar

These community building programs are available:

At all locations:

  • Company sponsored social get-togethers\
    • Events held this year by various locations: bowling, ping pong tournament at Spin, water skiing shows, and washers tournaments
    • Group Painting Outing - painting created by staff was then hung in location lobby.
  • Company sports-team sponsorship
  • Holiday party(s) and activities
    • All locations are also required to hold 2 annual holiday gatherings - Summer and Winter. Locations are given budgets for these events but are given the freedom to plan them on their own.
    • Summer picnic with catered barbecue/washers tournament/giant Operation game/Wheel of Wow, Employee & Spouse dinner at a Sushi/Hibachi restaurant
    • Catered holiday luncheon onsite
  • Children's Holiday Party
    • Ansay & Associates'  Children's Holiday party at the company HQ every year in December. The party is centered strictly around family activities: face painting, craft projects, snack buffet, cookie-decorating and a special visit from Santa! In 2012 the party was also centered around giving and the children were encouraged to bring a food item to give to Santa for the local food pantry. All children are given a gift and picture are taken for the parents keepsake. A lot of the parents make this their holiday pictures for the season and look forward to it every year.
  • Volunteer events
    • Employees are given 8 paid hours per year to spend volunteering at a not for profit organization in their community
    • Sales force is also encouraged to participate in community groups
    • Caroling Gathering at a local nursing home
    • Friday Jeans Day - employees can wear jeans with a $1 donation to charity
  • Birthday recognition
  • Work Anniversary recognition
  • Goal Achievement Celebrations
    • Wheel of Wow to award employees for going above and beyond in their role - service, support or sales. The Wheel has interchangeable prize slots inserted with various prizes (cash, tickets, gifts) and deserving employees. 
    • Friendly competition and prizes with a "twist"
  • Company sponsored annual sales and service summits
    • Sales events are held at a large venue over several days. Events include: sales awards presentations, guest speakers, catered meals, top sales treats (massages/golf), education and giveaways (more than $5,000 in prizes).
  • Company sponsored and shared special event/sports tickets

At some locations:

  • Game Room
    • Some locations encourage card games during lunch.
  • Employee art competitions
  • Friday night social gathering (or any day of the week)
  • Company Blood Drive
  • Affinity Groups
  • Hobby Groups

Eco-conscious employees at are supported through:

  • Bike parking (at all locations)
  • Carpooling coordination (at some locations)
  • Access to public transportation (at some locations)

Employees can participate in the following programs:

At all locations:

  • Personal music choices during work (headphones, radio, CD, streaming)
  • Access to personal social media
  • Performance contest with prizes
  • Free parking

At some locations:

  • Walking meetings
  • Company coordinated discount program for non-company products/services

Extreme Perks

Employees celebrate the many benefits of working at Ansay & Associates!

Full-time employees are offered a partial match to their Employee Retirement Plan, 401(k) pension or profit sharing prior to 1 year of employment

  • Employees are automatically enrolled into the 401K the first of the month following 30 days of employment at 6% with an annual 1% auto-escalation up to 10%
  • Ansay matches 30% up to 10% of employee contributions
  • Employees are also 100% vested

Three health insurance options are available for employees who are eligible receive this benefit.

The following benefits are available to full-time employees after 30 days of employment with Ansay & Associates LLC:

  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Short-term disability
  • Long-term disability
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Health Insurance Spending Account (HSA)
  • Company contribution to FSA or HSA
  • Life insurance for employees
  • Life insurance for employee's family
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Additionally Ansay & Associates, LLC offers:
    • Patient Advocacy Program
    • Wellness Program
    • Voluntary critical illness and accident plans
    • Benefits calculator to aid employees for benefit decision making

Ansay & Associates, LLC offers more than 24 days of paid personal time-off (PTO) for employees with more than 1 year of employment. PTO includes vacation days, sick days, personal days, holidays and encompasses time off for ill dependents.

  • Up to a maximum of 24 days
  • Includes 8.5 holidays
  • Sick days can encompass time-off for ill dependents

The following creative time-off opportunities are available:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Paid time-off to volunteer
    • Ansay & Associates, LLC has a Volunteer Hours policy allowing all employees 8 hours of paid time off annually to volunteer a local community organization.

The following incentives or incentive programs are available to some employees:

  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Relocation/housing reimbursement
  • Company car
  • Free fitness membership
  • Discounts for other services and products for employees
  • Personal finance assistance coaching
  • Personal loans to employees

Corporate Responsibility

Ansay & Associates has a mission statement that highlights its commitment to corporate and social responsibility, philanthropy, ethics, integrity, and values.

  • "Our customers enjoy personal relationships grounded in uncompromising values built from a foundation of trust, integrity, and respect." - Adolph N. Ansay, Founder

Ansay & Associates' employees work hard to give back to the community.

  • Improvement of community social needs and practices
  • Care and development of employees
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Human rights
  • Values, ethics, and integrity
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Green practices

Ansay & Associates prides itself on having quality people who possess a unique blend of integrity, compassion, and passion for providing award-winning personal service. This commitment is supported by continual investment of people, training and technology, and the focus on bringing every customer a level of service that exceeds expectation.

The following reporting methods are used in measuring commitments and achievements as they relate to the goals and mission of Ansay & Associates:

  • Quantifiable goals are documented
  • Goals are clearly described to employees
  • Results achieving activities are documented
  • Employee training on goals and mission
  • Year-over-year results are measured and published
  • Employee Performance Management program measures employee performance to mission
  • Board of Directors or other governing body reviews goals and results

Ansay & Associates has a clearly defined human rights policy regarding the protection of the following:

  • Minority groups
  • Women's rights
  • Worker's rights
  • Child labor
  • Protection of indigenous peoples

Ansay & Associate's services have a direct positive contribution to the company's commitment to socially responsible efforts in the following ways:

  • Contribute to improving health
  • Contribute to improving community efforts (literacy, arts, charitable donations)
  • Help rebuild the local community
  • Contribute to improving social and economic inequality

Ansay & Associates is proud to partner with a local community organization named Portal Inc. and employ individuals from the program. Portal Inc. gives students from the community high school, with disabilities, an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a company setting.

The responsibilities of maintaining the mission and values of Ansay & Associates is part of one person's job description within the company. In addition, 

Each person in the company has the responsibility of maintaining the mission and values of Ansay & Associates. 

The company provides a living wage according to the US Living Wage Guide for all of its employees.

The following documents are available to all employees:

  • Employee handbook
  • Inclusion or discrimination policy
  • Harassment policy
  • Description of how the performance management plan operates
  • Description on how to post for open positions within the company
  • New employee orientation covering the ideals and values of Ansay & Associates
  • Extensive intranet system with employee documents and handbooks

Ansay & Associates has a process for employees to ask questions and give feedback without negative consequences.

  • Employees use the intranet portal to submit confidential suggestions. Every submission is reviewed and responded to by HR.

Ansay & Associates surveyed employees regarding their satisfaction and engagement within the last 12 months.

The following donations and financial designations are given by Ansay & Associates to charitable organizations:

  • 11 - 20 percent of profits donated
  • Full-time employees are paid up to 8 hours a year to volunteer or participate in community service

Ansay & Associates commits time and donations to the following charities and community groups:

  • Humane Society
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Heritage Society
  • United Way
  • Ozaukee Food Pantry
  • Shriners
  • American Cancer Society
  • Veterans Association

Ansay & Associates' offices (located around Wisconsin) support their local community organizations through donations, volunteerism, and promotion.

Employees determine all or part of the company's time, talent, and financial contributions.

Every Friday employees can donate $1 to the charity of their choice to wear jeans.

Ansay & Associates has a written customer guarantee, warranty, and protection policy.

The company monitors customer satisfaction in the following ways:

  • Customers surveyed quarterly for input
  • Current results are measured with previous results with the goal of improvement
  • Current results are shared with employees
  • Processes and operations are adjusted according to customer feedback

What a great team!

Career Development

Training and Development at Ansay and Associates, LLC

  • Ansay and Associates, LLC has a line item in their budget for their training program
  • Their training program is named - Ansay University
  • Training is aligned with business goals
    • Curriculum enhances the employee in their role within the company and 
    • Aligns with the company goals of developing and retaining top talent within the organization.
  • Ansay and Associates, LLC feels an individual who possesses a desire to continue their education, in addition to performing their full-time job, shows a commitment to improving themselves and their position within the Agency. To encourage and reward these individuals, Ansay & Associates, LLC offers an Education Assistance benefit.
    • To obtain your insurance license, Ansay & Associates, LLC will reimburse 100% of the course cost and licensing fee (1-time).
    • To obtain the renewal of your insurance license, Ansay & Associates, LLC will reimburse 100% of the license cost. 
    • It is expected that you will take at least one course per year from the designated list of approved courses (for your respective department below) in order to obtain a relevant designation, maintain your designation or obtain continuing education credits: Personal Lines CISR, CIC Employee Benefits GBA, CEBS (Securities License designation excluded) Commercial Lines CISR, CIC, CRM, ARM, CPCU or Ruble Seminars.
    • Other courses/classes may be eligible but must be approved (in advance of taking the course) by your supervisor. For example, courses/classes taken for higher education but not required for your position (associates/bachelor’s coursework), may also be approved for reimbursement (within the $750) by your supervisor but will be added to your W-2 as taxable income. Ansay & Associates will reimburse 100% of course fees (including travel costs) for supervisor approved courses/classes up to $750 upon providing evidence of exam completion/score (if required) and providing proof of attendance (if no examination is required).

Ansay & Associates' investment in training applies to:

  • Hourly employees
  • Salaried employees
  • Supervisory or Management employees
  • Executives

In addition to educational assistance for formal education, Ansay & Associates, LLC may arrange training programs which enable employees to progress in their technical knowledge of our business. If a particular seminar is appropriate for enhancing skills (and/or those of other employees), employees are encouraged to bring it to their Supervisors attention to determine enrollment/attendance.

The effectiveness of Ansay and Associates, LLC training effectiveness is measured in the following ways.

  • Individuals will receive their licenses, designations or further professional credits by taking advantage of Ansay's educational opportunities.
  • They can measure effectiveness by the new business and renewal numbers on their accounts. 
  • Additionally, Ansay offers several internal training opportunities on soft skills, policies and procedures. 
  • Effectiveness can be measured by viewing their daily on-the-job performance and development in key areas throughout the year.

Ansay and Associates, LLC manager's performance is appraised based on their ability to develop their employees.

The goal is to keep employees advised of how well they are fulfilling their job duties and developing as a professional. This communication begins on the first day and is continuous throughout their career with Ansay. Discussions between employees and their supervisors are based on the premise that people do good work when they know clearly what is expected of them and how they are performing. When employees are doing an exceptional job, they deserve recognition for it. When they are not doing part of their job, they generally cannot be expected to do better unless they are told about it. This is where the managers and supervisors of the employee step up and assist the employee in finding areas for improvement and offering the opportunity to develop in those areas.

Ansay and Associates, LLC invests 20+ of training per person per year. Employees receive hours of training and class preparation to receive their licenses, as well as additional time spent at seminars, webinars or in-house training throughout the year.

These training programs are available to ALL employees:

  • On-line Learning Management System (LMS) who is eligible to participate
  • Discretionary training dollars that employees can spend how they choose 
  • Employees able to use work hours to participate in professional organization or trade association meetings, committees and event
  • The opportunity to work with external mentors
  • Tuition reimbursement for degree granting and non-degree granting education programs
  • Developmental opportunities project assignments
  • Career Path planning for employees
  • One-to-one coaching, performance evaluations and/or 360 evaluations
  • The opportunity to cross train in skills others than those in their current job responsibilities
  • Training to enhance their promotability    
  • Training to enhance their current job skills

Hourly employees can participate in the following programs:

  • Paid internships
  • Unpaid internships
  • Entry-level employee jobs skills training 

Salaried and Management employees and Executives can participate in the following programs:

  • Participation in professional or trade organizations that is paid in full or subsidized by the company
  • Diversity/inclusion training

Salaried and Management employees are eligible to participate in the following programs:

  • Supervisory training for first time managers
  • How to orient new employees
  • Accounting/finance for non-financial professionals
  • Employee performance coaching training
  • Company Executive Mentor program (Managers are mentored by Executives)

Supervisors, Manager and Executives can participate in the following programs:

  • Life or career coach (internal or external resource) which is subsidized by the company
  • Succession Planning Program or Strategy
  • Supervisor/management skills training
  • How to be a mentor training
  • Performance Management Plan training

Executives can participate in these training programs:

  • The opportunity to work with external mentors
  • Life or career coach (internal or external resources) that is either subsidized or paid in full by the company

Ansay and Associates, LLC offers the following training classes to ALL employees:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Customer service
  • Harassment training
  • Safety
  • Waste reduction
  • Ecology/conservation
  • Writing skills
  • Sales/business development 
  • Negotiation skills
  • Technical skills training
  • Office skills (like Microsoft Office)
  • Culture/employment brand
  • Our consumer brand
  • Innovation
  • Time management

Ansay & Associates, LLC

Number of Employees
 Locations: 8
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Suburban (office park/campus)
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For individuals: group home and auto insurance

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