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 The No-Hour Workweek

Thursday, February 14, 2013 - by thegoodjobs

Staying connected is critical to staying productive in today’s work demands. Connectedness through email, phones, and social media is more frequently required by supervisors and managers. Gone are the days of strict 9 to 5 workdays, free weekends, and a safe distance from your workload when you’re home. The culture of work has shifted.

Jon Stein, CEO of Betterment, an investment banking company, believes in the framework of a No-Hour Workweek. Stein asks his employees one request for the success of the No-Hour Workweek — stay in contact. Team members must be available when a project or problem arises — no matter the day or time. Stein explains in a recent article on the Fast Company website, “The No-Hour Workweek means our team is constantly in contact. Two-thirds of our team takes customer calls on weekends, and our development team frequently works into the wee hours of the morning. We monitor social media, catch up on emails, and work on projects at night and over the weekends, and we’re constantly attending industry and networking events.”

Flexibility is required of the No-Hour Workweek. Stein understands the unavoidable variances in life, and realizes that the traditional roles of the workweek should be dissolved to maximize productivity and happiness. “We have tremendous respect for weekends and personal time. To balance the inevitable overtime, we take away traditional time restrictions,” Stein wrote. That means employees arrive when they want, leave when they want, and work where they want; they are expected to finish their work within their work time frame.

A successful No-Hour Workweek relies on four fundamental concepts as its framework: respect, focus, environment, leisure. Respect your colleagues’ time, focus on the work you have, foster a positive environment in the office, and maintain your leisure time to stay energized.Stein’s No-Hour Workweek addresses the increasing communication demands of work by introducing a flexible and malleable schedule.

If your company adapted this schedule, would you support it?

Read the original Fast Company article here

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