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 Recruiting and Marketing, and the Gray Space Between.

Monday, February 25, 2013 - by thegoodjobs

Our friends at The Undercover Recruiter blog understand the importance of not focusing solely on attracting talent, but retaining talent as well. Companies are demanding experienced and skilled employees, and asking recruiters to find those who meet these qualifications. This presents a new challenge for recruiters — most top talent is already employed. Recruiters must now find a way to convince an individual to relocate from their current job to another company.  How do they create the convincing argument? The new responsibility of marketing a company’s employment brand is forcing recruiters to focus on how companies promote their competitive cultural advantage.

The Undercover Recruiter lists in their blog post the marketing strategies they believe is most important for recruiters to market companies’ culture.

When Did Recruiters Become Marketers?

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