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 How Google+ Can Boost Your Business

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - by thegoodjobs


What social media site do you think is most important to communicate your company’s brand?

Turns out, it might be Google +.

Mashable explains why Google’s algorithm – which determines how a website is ranked in different search results – would help your business shine. The algorithm works by crawling sites to find keywords that are relevant to your search. Despite posts on other social media sites, posts on Google + will turn up in search results more often. A Google + page will outrank any other social media site on a search results page. Companies with well-maintained Google + pages have a greater chance of finding their business ranked higher than companies who do not have a page.

The reason is simple. Google will place Google on top.

Time to begin honing your company’s Google + page.

Read the Mashable article here: How Google+ Can Boost Your Business.

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