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 Holocracy =HoloCRAZY Cool!

Monday, March 10, 2014 - by thegoodjobs

An office with no etched plaques on the desks. No one to call “boss”. No promotions or demotions.


Sounds like a Utopian office? It’s a reality at some companies, like retailer and culture guru, Zappos. The idea of removing career levels and hierarchies is not new, but it hasn’t really been publicly tested until now. This type of management-free work environment is called a Holocracy. So what does that mean for a company? A hierarchy-free work environment sounds a little crazy – we have to admit – but it is innovative, and that’s what we love. Shake up the office routine! Put some pep in your company’s step!

So what do you think about removing career boundaries? If no one has a title, who reports to who? What happens when something needs to get done? What happens to delegation?  The idea behind removing boundaries from the workplace requires thought and dedication

The jury might still out on whether this type of management is easily translatable to every company, but we still think it’s a super cool idea. No one likes the word ‘boss’ anyway!

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