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 Bike Rental: There’s an App for That

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - by thegoodjobs



There’s a start-up in Atlanta that is offering an affordable option to ‘go green’. viaCycle, founded by four students at Georgia Tech University, is a bike renting initiative that makes it more convenient and economical to rent bikes – simply by removing the costly bike storage units. As the first GPS operated bike renting system, it works via a phone app to locate one of the viaCycle bikes left by previous renters at any bike rack around the city. Once it locates a bike, the app unlocks the portable bike lock attached to every bike. Co-founder and CEO, Kyle Azevedo wanted to make bikes more available without the initial costs of installing the once-necessary lockable bike racks. By utilizing the bike racks that are already found around the city, Azevedo only had to front the costs of the bikes and their portable locks. The low cost of starting the business has made renting the bikes at a lower price possible. At less than a dollar an hour, viaCycle has made the opportunity to ride green finally affordable.


College Startup Re-Imagines Bike Sharing |

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