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 Are Your Hiring Expectations Ridiculous?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 - by thegoodjobs

by George Blomgren

Admission: the following story is absurd. So, why are these sorts of requests a typical part of a recruiter’s day?

The phone rings — a call from a client. “Our Controller is leaving. We need to replace her ASAP.”

“When you say ASAP, what did you have in mind?”

“The end of next week. We need to have someone in place by the time our current Controller leaves” was the answer. “It would be ideal if we can have some overlap.”

Really? 8 days from now, preferably sooner?

I get it. A company needs a Controller, especially if they are smaller and that role represents most or all of their financial staff. So…

“Ok, let me ask you two questions. First, are you OK with candidates who are currently unemployed?” I already knew the answer.

“Well… uh… we would really prefer candidates who are working. You know, their skills are up to date.” I always push back on this one. And the answer is always the same. “You know, the unemployed ones … there must be a good reason that they are unemployed.”

Please, stop the insanity. This is like spotting a lottery ticket lying on the street and ignoring it because, “if it was a winner, it wouldn’t be here.”

“Second question. Clearly, this is a vital role, and trust and integrity are essential. How do you feel about candidates who would walk away from their current job without giving at least 2 weeks notice?”

“Oh, good heavens no!”

Unfortunately, time travel is not yet part of a recruiter’s arsenal…

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