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 7 Reasons To Have Dogs at Work… by Homer

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - by thegoodjobs


Growing a successful start-up takes out-of-the-box thinking so co-founder of The Good Jobs, Betsy Rowbottom, put her seven-year-old dog Homer to work.

The Good Jobs practices the methodology of a “lean start-up”. We utilize every asset to maximize our efficiency. Each member of our team has varied skills. Everyone bring something unique to the table.  Homer has always had a brilliant mind.  He’s excited about sharing his ideas about how to build successful company culture through improved employee engagement at work.  Blogging is a natural extension of his skill set.

Here’s an except of Homer’s recent blog post:

“7 Reasons Why Dogs at Work is Awesome” by Homer Rowbottom
Having dogs at the office makes a lot of sense.

  1. It’s good because dogs entertain you when they ride dirty (backwards) in the car with you on your long and boring commute.
  2. It’s good because dogs are good at solving complex human capital challenges like who to promote or who to sit next to during a meeting.
  3. It’s good because dogs remind you to go outside for a walk when it’s sunny.  Walking meetings are fun!
  4. It’s good because dogs remind you to walk to the kitchen to look for treats when your computer is running slow.
  5. It’s good because you can earn the Fun Badge when you have dogs at work!  Showcase your awesomeness!
  6. It’s good because it reminds you to keep treats in your desk when your computer is running fast.
  7. It’s good because dogs remind us that work is an extension of home, just like home is an extension of work.  Dogs everywhere!

We’re all about dogs at work…  Dogs can do a lot more then sleep under the desk when given the chance.

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