Employers: Why The Good Jobs?

about the good jobs
The Good Jobs exists to create a greater alignment between your company and talented individuals by publishing relevant information related to your culture and values.
about the good jobs
We shine a bright light on your company’s culture and employment brand to attract talented individuals with the long-term goal and a lasting contribution at your company.
about the good jobs
The Good Jobs Badges supercharge your marketing channels. We share compelling information about your culture and encourage job seekers to apply to your organization.
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People talk a lot about “culture-match” being directly linked to job satisfaction, increased productivity and successful hires… but what do individuals really know when they apply for a job? The Good Jobs understands that culture is a major differentiator and provides you with the tools to communicate it. Individuals who want “a job / any job” compete for the highest salary. Individuals with highly-desirable skills will compete for the highest salary and opportunities to advance their career. Culture is the missing link. Culture creates lasting value for individuals. Culture creates greater alignment between individuals and companies. Culture is the key to engagement. The Good Jobs levels the playing field by highlighting how your culture is different from your competition.

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Top 10 Reasons To Use The Good Jobs

  1. You have an awesome company culture and want the whole world to know it.
  2. Your company is small and your brand is not known. You are limited by job boards and your employee’s tiny referral network.
  3. Your company is huge and your brand is well known. Job seekers dismiss opportunities due to misperceptions about your brand or industry.
  4. Your business is expanding and you need to attract talent with specialized skills to grow.
  5. Hiring managers demand candidates be a “skills-match”, as well as a “culture-match.”
  6. Everyone is a potential customer. Applicants who do not get the job (or face-to-face interview) receive your strong touch-point to encourage brand loyalty.
  7. You are overwhelmed by too many resumes from “B” and “C” level applicants. You desire the “A” level players.
  8. Your hiring process is long and many applicants accept other positions before you make an offer. By communicating your culture, you solidify interest early in the hiring process.
  9. Your employment brand lives in a vacuum. You want to learn from companies that are using their culture to attract talent.
  10. You understand the value of your culture and seek ways to leverage it better.

We created The Good Jobs for you. We exist to help companies tell their own unique story. We exist to help job seekers to know what a company believes and why they should (or should not) apply there.

"I thought the questions were well rounded and provided a good look into our organization. Also made me think about some things that we need to improve upon."
Mike McElherne
- VP/Talent Acquisition, Waterstone Mortgage