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When people come to work here, it is important that they feel comfortable to connect with co-workers and have some fun. Our workplace doesn't stop at providing the tools they need to perform their jobs; it includes other cool stuff so people enjoy themselves while at work too.
We believe in giving back. Many of our team volunteer and/or support a community charity. Our commitment to the causes we support is a big part of who we are and the responsibility we fulfill as a corporation.
We understand the tremendous contribution our team members make whether working part-time, job sharing or being flexible about people attending a special event. We know that life/work balance makes productive and valuable employees so we don't ask people to give up their whole lives in order to work here.
We thrive in a "learning culture" so we want to attract curious people who ask why... and why not!? We offer great tools and training programs that help people to build their knowledge and careers.
We believe in clean water, clean air and a clean planet. We feel it's our responsibility and obligation to use our position to make the world better and we would like people to know that we take our eco-responsibility seriously.
It's not always possible for us to compete for talent based on salary alone. We invest in super cool perks to reward people for sharing their skills and talent with us. People appreciate our creative compensation packages.
We understand that the whole world is connected. We actively seek leaders who share their values and ethics as well as their talent to make their communities and our workplace stronger. We align ourselves with passionate individuals who want to create a greater impact on the world.
We work to remove career boundaries, build innovation, and create career paths as well as consistently expand our commitment to quality.
We understand the value and effectiveness of a broadly diverse and global workforce. We are an organization that respects, supports and invests in developing a rich array of individuals as part of their business strategy.
Lots of companies like to use the term "work hard/play hard" but most don't really play. We do! We have ping pong and foosball tables! We carve pumpkins at Halloween! We all work hard, so we offer ways to play (and recharge our brains).
When I talk to candidates, I know how to sell them on all the reasons to choose to work here. I emphasize all the creative perks & benefits we offer, like paid sabbaticals, pet insurance, college loan reimbursement.
We know that lots of talented people require non-traditional schedules. We offer ways for people to be most productive working outside the standard work hours of Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.
Diversity is not limited to gender and ethnicity. By supporting "acceptance" in every direction (like: return to work retirees, LGBTQ, multicolored hair, former or current military, tattoos and piercings, and all working parents) we nurture new ideas and creative solutions.
We evaluate ourselves on criteria beyond a profitable bottomline. We seek individuals who share our commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle.
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