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We are a scrappy boot-strappin' startup. We believe that "the good life" and good work can intersect to create both organizational and personal success.

The Good Jobs is a turnkey employment branding solution that helps companies find top talent by leveraging their company culture and employment brand.  Our proprietary Badges allow companies to enhance all their recruitment and retention marketing and communication channels. We help companies turn their culture into a competitive recruiting advantage.

The Good Jobs is the first and only Company Culture Directory.

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We believe that "the good life" and good work can intersect to create both organizational and personal success.

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"Working with The Good Jobs gave me the opportunity to be part of something exciting, important, and interesting. The team (especially the fantastic founders, Anne and Betsy) were so supportive, acting as role models for business practices, work ethic, and life. I had the opportunity to participate in research, content creation, and business administration, experiencing the inside of a hardworking and innovative startup. And it was fun. Thank you!"

Hannah Thompson, Marketing Intern

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The Good Jobs offers these amenities to make employees' daily lives a little easier:

  • Walking distance to a Farmer's Market
  • Private rooms for relaxation
  • Openness for children to be at the workplace occasionally

The following options are available for employees to meet and eat their meals:

  • Free hot coffee and tea
  • Full kitchen, including a fridge stocked with sodas and waters
  • Donuts and cake often brought in for employees to share

Employees can make fresh theater-style popcorn for themselves whenever they are in the mood for a snack!

The Good Jobs office space offers the following amenities:

  • Variety of seating options (chair options, ball chairs)
  • Casual meeting spaces (beyond conference rooms)
  • Open-plan office space
  • Private spaces to work
  • Couches or other non-traditional comfortable seating
  • Central spaces for employees to gather, work, or relax
  • Intra-office communication technology (beyond email)
  • Ability to decorate personal work space
  • Most work spaces have access to natural light
  • Windows that can be opened and closed

The location of The Good Jobs offices provide a fun environment for employees:

  • Downtown location
  • Restaurants, cafés in walking distance
  • Nearby shopping
  • Nearby yoga or athletic/fitness clubs
  • Variety of establishments nearby to socialize
  • Nearby walking or biking trails
  • Historic office location
  • Convenient public transportation
  • Places to relax, eat, or work outside
  • Dog parks
  • Publicly offered day care facilities
  • Publicly offered pet day care facilities
  • Farmers market
  • Financial institutions
  • A short stroll from the Milwaukee Public Market, famous for its variety of cuisines, wine, chocolate, and bakery
  • Location in the downtown foodie district, with countless restaurants and cafés
  • Walking distance from boutique shopping
  • Across the street from the Milwaukee RiverWalk - perfect for a sunny outdoor meal or a lunchtime walk

These community building activities are offered at The Good Jobs:

  • Air hockey
  • Social gatherings outside of work
  • Birthday recognitions
  • Goal achievement recognitions - cupcakes!
  • Lunchtime trips to local restaurants

The Good Jobs employees have the opportunity to participate and/or access the following:

  • Openness to bring their dog to work
  • Music in the office - vintage record player!
  • Access to personal social media and music
  • No dress code
  • Free parking
  • Historic building location with beautiful open-plan office
  • Large windows, providing year-round sunlight

Our downtown location is surrounded by great shops, theaters, restaurants, museums, spas, salons, and markets. Easy access to the freeway, the Great Lake, and historic neighborhoods; The Good Jobs is a great and fun place to work not only for what's offered inside, but outside the building as well!

We officially launched, and we are happy to say that our Launch Party was a SUCCESS! We even have pictures to prove it.


A word from The Good Jobs:

"The Good Jobs believes that flexibility is such an important factor in life and work. We strive to strike that perfect balance."

The Good Jobs offers the following non-traditional work arrangements for their employees:

  • Project-only work assignments - defined beginning and end time goals
  • Short term temporary work assignments
  • Seasonal work - summer and holidays
  • Paid Internships
  • Post retirement work
  • Extended maternity / paternity leave

Many employees at The Good Jobs regularly work from home, or from one of the many cafés and business spaces in Milwaukee's Third Ward. Employees "customizing" their schedule and locations is absolutely encouraged and expected.

The following scheduling options are available for hourly (non-salaried) employees at The Good Jobs:

  • Choose the number of hours they work within a range of hours
  • Choose how their weekly hours are scheduled - 4 10-hour days vs. 5 8-hour days
  • Work a reduced schedule during part of the year
  • Decide which shifts they want to work
  • Move from full-time to part-time without negative consequences of position or level
  • Choose when they take breaks from work or for meals
  • Work a guaranteed minimum number of hours per week

Hourly employees are made aware of their schedules at least 4 weeks in advance.

The following scheduling options are available for salaried employees at The Good Jobs:

  • Choose the hours they start and end work.
  • Choose how the total number of weekly hours is scheduled - 4 10-hour days vs. 5 8-hour days
  • Work from home regularly or occasionally
  • Resources provided to work from home

The Good Jobs provides the following technology to facilitate flexibility in the workplace:

  • Video conferencing
  • Remote access to the organizational computer system
  • Chat system - convenient, easy communication from any location

Employees at The Good Jobs are encouraged to use at least 20 hours a year of their workweek to volunteer and serve the community.

The following options related to paid time-off (PTO) are made available to employees at The Good Jobs:

  • Use of sick time for personal time or to care for ill dependents
  • Take time off for care giving or other family responsibilities
  • Utilize bereavement time for the passing of a family member or partner
  • Take time off during the workday to attend to important family or personal needs
  • Return to work gradually after childbirth or adoption

Green DNA

Comment from The Good Jobs:

"The Good Jobs loves our planet earth. Business practices are chosen carefully based on how they impact the planet. Partners are also selected based on their green commitment."

Products/services directly contribute to the conservation of the environment:

The Good Jobs connects individuals to companies who both care about a commitment to the environment. Our goal is to increase their mutual impact.

Our commitment to the planet includes:

  • Environmental Policy Statement or referenced in our mission statement
  • Specific, targeted goals to achieve in a specific time frame, and activities/resources dedicated to achieving these goals
  • Ongoing review of how goals are achieved

Our commitment to our "green goals" are reflected in:

  • Quantifiable, documented goals
  • Goals are described
  • Activities that describe how goals are achieved are documented
  • Employees are trained on goals, activities and measuring results

Incentives are in place to encourage carpooling, biking, or the use of public transportation:

  • 75-100% of our work locations are accessible by public transportation
  • We carpool often. 
  • 75% of our staff drive hybrid cars!
  • Indoor bicycle storage to facilitate bike commuting

The following energy conservation measures are in place at our workplace:

  • Equipment: Energy Star Appliances / Automatic Sleep Modes / After-Hour Timers / etc.
  • Lighting: Natural Light/ CF Bulbs / Occupancy Sensors / Daylight Dimmers / Task Lighting / etc.
  • HVAC: Programmable Thermostat / Timers/ Occupancy Sensors / Shade Sun-Exposed Walls / Double-Paned Windows / etc.

Recycling is encouraged in our workplace.

The Good Jobs supports the Sierra Club and regularly works with suppliers, business partners and customers to positively affect the environment.

The Good Jobs

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