Who We Are

Hear What Makes ClearEdge Marketing Different

Driven, Talented, Inventive

ClearEdge Marketing provides innovative marketing solutions designed to drive business growth. Through extensive industry experience and creative talent, we help talent management companies strategically and cost-effectively achieve critical marketing, branding, sales and PR goals. Our unique and flexible outsourced model provides companies with the resources and benefits of a full-time marketing department without the associated overhead costs.

ClearEdge Marketing is a WBENC-certified Women's Business Enterprise headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with employees in 10 states, servicing clients across the U.S. and Europe.

Our Philosophy

Responsive, Results-Driven

The ClearEdge team knows firsthand what it takes to be successful in the highly competitive environments, from HR technology companies to global recruitment firms. Our commitment is to provide every client with the highest level of service integrity and deliver tools and programs that generate a maximum return on their marketing investment. ClearEdge is proud of the reputation we’ve developed as a responsive, results-driven firm that delivers what we promise.

Driven, talented, inventive and award-winning: those are just a few words that describe the marketing professionals who make up the ClearEdge team. We are strategic and tactical marketing directors, project managers, writers, editors, media relations specialists, graphic designers, social media experts, SEO and Web developers from all over the U.S.—and world—with experience managing global marketing operations, technology services and software.


415 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 202
Chicago IL, 60654


ClearEdge Marketing offers employees who are parents the following amenities and programs to help make their lives a little easier:

  • Participation in Bring Your Child to Work Day
  • Openness for children to be in on-site break rooms

The following activities and amenities are available to employees to help support their health and wellness:

  • Nutritious on-site food choices – HQ only
  • Filtered / bottled water – HQ only
  • Wellness competitions
  • Access to natural ambient light
  • Clear air / good ventilation

The following programs and areas are available for employees to meet and eat their meals:

  • Cappuccino / Coffee bar – HQ only
  • Kitchen – HQ only

ClearEdge Marketing offers the following employee community-building activities:

  • Friday night socials
  • Birthday recognition
  • Work anniversary recognition
  • Goal achievement celebrations
  • Virtual and on-site Happy Hour
  • Book Clubs
  • Fitbit Group
  • Company sponsored social gatherings – HQ only 
  • Holiday parties and activities – HQ only
  • Shared special events/sports tickets – HQ only

The following eco-conscious options are available to employees at ClearEdge Marketing’s Headquarters location

  • Access to public transportation

Employees have the option to participate in the following:

  • Openness to bring dogs to work occasionally
  • Personal music choices (headphones, radio, CDs) 
  • Access to personal social media 
  • Walking / outdoor meetings
  • No dress code
  • Virtual Yoga Classes
  • Sales Team Performance Contests

Extreme Perks

At ClearEdge, employees are eligible for health and welfare insurance benefits less than 30 days after their start date.

ClearEdge pays at least 70% of premiums for individual health insurance plans, and at least  70% of premiums for family health insurance plans for eligible employees.

ClearEdge offers a partial match on a 401(k) plan prior to 1 year of employment.

The following benefits are available to full-time employees at (Insert Company Name):

  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Short-term disability
  • Long-term disability

At ClearEdge, sick days or PTO encompasses time off for ill dependents. 

The following creative time-off opportunities are available:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Unpaid time-off to volunteer

The ClearEdge business model is virtual so we work from home every day, not just Fridays!


Corporate Responsibility

ClearEdge Marketing’s Vision –

To be the go-to marketing agency for the HR technology and global recruitment industry.

ClearEdge Marketing is committed to the following:

  • Improvement of community social needs and practices
  • Care and development of employees
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Values, ethics, and integrity
  • Inclusion and diversity

ClearEdge Marketing’s commitment applies to all business operations and locations.  

ClearEdge Marketing measures their commitment to mission, vision and values in the following ways:

  • Goals are clearly described to employees
  • Activities that achieve goals are documented

ClearEdge Marketing’s vision is to be the go-to marketing agency for the HR technology and global recruitment industry.

ClearEdge Marketing has a clearly defined human rights policy regarding the protection of: 

  • Women's rights
  • ClearEdge Marketing is WBENC Certified

ClearEdge Marketing has a designated employee monitoring our mission, values, or ethics statement and the execution of its commitment. 

ClearEdge Marketing provides at least a living wage for all of their employees by setting the lowest paid wage at $10.00 per hour

The following documents are available to all employees:

  • Employee handbook
  • Inclusion or discrimination policy
  • Harassment policy

ClearEdge Marketing has an informal published process or program for employees to offer suggestions or innovations.

ClearEdge Marketing designates less than 3% of sales or profits for donation to charity.

Employees or an Employee Committee determines all or part of the company's time, talent, and financial contributions.

ClearEdge Marketing monitors customer satisfaction in the following ways:

  • We survey customers annually for their level of satisfaction and input
  • Current results are measured against previous results with the goal of improvement
  • Current results are shared with employee population
  • Processes and operations are adjusted based on customer feedback from surveys 

ClearEdge Marketing has a published process for customers to ask questions, give feedback or complain - Private communication to company only


ClearEdge Marketing offers the following non-traditional work arrangements for their employees: 

  • Project only work assignments (defined beginning and end time/goals)
  • Temporary work assignments
  • Extended maternity / paternity leave
  • 100% of ClearEdge Marketing’s workforce has the option to work from any location they choose

The following scheduling options are available to hourly employees:

  • Choose the beginning and end hours (9am-5pm or 8am-4pm)
  • Choose the number of hours in a day (5 8-hour days or 4 10-hour days)
  • Work a reduced schedule during a certain time of the year
  • Change from full time to part time while remaining in the same position or level
  • Decide which shift they work
  • Choose when they take breaks
  • Choose when they take meal breaks
  • Take time off during the workday to attend to important family or personal needs without losing pay
  • Work a guaranteed minimum number of hours per week – case-by-case basis

On average, hourly employees know their regular work schedule 1 week or less in advance.

The following scheduling options are available to salaried employees:

  • Choose the beginning and end hours (9am-5pm or 8am-4pm)
  • Allow salaried employees to work a part time schedule
  • Choose the number of hours in a day (5 8-hour days or 4 10-hour days)
  • Work a reduced schedule during a certain time of the year
  • Change from full time to part time while remaining in the same position or level – case-by-case basis
  • Work from home regularly
  • Work from home occasionally
  • Resources are provide to remote employees
  • Work from an alternative location to accommodate a family need
  • Decide how many hours they work in a week

The following technologies are offered to employees to facilitate flexibility in the workplace:

  • Company subsidized smartphone usage
  • Video conferencing 
  • Remote access to organizational computer system
  • Company provided laptops/tablet computers
  • ClearEdge WIKI available for all employees

ClearEdge Marketing employees can take unpaid time off to volunteer to the causes of their choosing.

  • ClearEdge offers employees a $50 stipend to use to contribute to charities of their choice at the holidays
  • Numerous volunteer programs available for employees

ClearEdge Marketing offers the following paid time-off (PTO) options for employees:

  • Use of sick time for personal time or ill dependents
  • Take an extended career break for care giving or other family responsibilities
  • Bereavement time off for the passing of immediate family members
  • Bereaavement time off for the passing of their pet
  • Time off during the workday to attend to important family or personal needs
  • Return to work gradually after childbirth or adoption

Career Development

ClearEdge Marketing’s budget and financial statements include a line item for employee training and development.

The purposes of ClearEdge Marketing's investment in employee training are as follows:

  • Professional development
  • Industry trends
  • Employee satisfaction and retention
  • To meet and exceed customer needs

ClearEdge Marketing’s training and development program is aligned with company goals

ClearEdge Marketing’s training and development program applies to:

  • Salaried employees
  • Supervisory or Management employees
  • Executive Employees

Each year, ClearEdge Marketing plans for 20+ training hours for each employee.

The following training and development programs and amenities are offered to all employee groups:

  • Employees able to use work hours to participate in professional organization or trade association meetings, committees and events
  • The opportunity to work with external mentors
  • Developmental opportunities for project assignments
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Training to enhance their promotability
  • Training to enhance their current job skills

The following training and development programs and amenities are offered to salaried employees:

  • Discretionary training dollars that employees can spend how they choose
  • Participation in professional or trade organizations that is paid in full by the company

ClearEdge Marketing employees also have the opportunity to participate in the following training and development programs:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving training
  • Customer service
  • Writing skills
  • Sales/business development
  • Negotiation skills
  • Technical skills training
  • Writing for the Web
  • Hubspot Certification
  • Internal customer & project delivery processes
  • Staffing Industry Analysts resources & training programs
  • TechServe resources & training programs

ClearEdge Marketing

Number of Employees
 Locations: 1+
Location Types
Urban (Downtown/high rise)
Work from home / virtual workplace
Business Founded

ClearEdge Marketing provides the following innovative marketing solutions to companies in talent management space designed to drive business growth:

  • Brand Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales & Recruiting Enablement
  • Public Relations