Culture Badges

Defining how you value these seven culture traits will help you attract and retain the right employees. It’s not about how many badges you assign or which ones, but rather accurately revealing what truly matters to your company.


The Fun Badge highlights companies’ unique work environment and activities. It gives specific information about a company’s culture providing insight into fun on-site amenities, fun wellness programs and/or fun social outlets.  This badge also includes information about company activities that encourage employee interaction, team-building activities and cooperation. 

Extreme Perks

The Good Jobs Extreme Perks Badge includes information about companies’ benefits that go above and beyond the traditional health and welfare benefits or average vacation/holiday pay. Companies that are assigned this badge offer a variety of perks that contribute to an employee’s compensation package, life/work balance and overall work satisfaction.  Companies that wish to distinguish themselves on criteria other than salary + standard insurance packages understand that employee engagement is a force that drives sustainable business success.

Corporate Responsibility

The Corporate Responsibility Badge identifies companies that choose to support of a specific cause and highlight their commitment to Corporate and Social Responsibility. Companies that live a statement of ethics, integrity and/or values are assigned this badge. Whether the organization offers paid time-off to volunteer or makes financial contributions to support causes, these companies and employees take their commitment to community or charitable support beyond the traditional “company match”.  Their commitment to their chosen causes is a significant part of their culture. Exponentially increasing their impact, an organization and an individual are “being the change they wish to see in the world”.


Companies with the Flextime Badge offer flexible work schedules that fit individuals’ lifestyle (may include “summer hours” or flexibility for working parents and/or job sharing).  Whether you’re an intern or a experienced consultant looking for part-time projects, the Flextime Badge highlights companies that offer jobs that fit a specific career stage or schedule options. The Flextime Badge describes companies that understand productivity matters, but how (and when) the result is achieved is up to the employee.

Green DNA

The Good Jobs Green DNA Badge is not limited to solar, wind, hydropower companies or jobs that work in “green industries”.  This badge represents companies from every industry, companies that are proud to demonstrate their commitment to conservation, ecology, sustainable practices that contribute to the growth of an environmentally responsible world. Through the Green DNA Badge, companies describe initiatives like their stipends for bike or public transportation, preferential parking spaces for hybrid or electric cars, organic cafeteria, their solar panels and/or their awesome rooftop garden. 


The Inclusion Badge is reserved for companies that consciously mobilize employee diversity and acceptance to create success. Companies that make investments in the development of programs that support the integration of a wide array of cultural differences are assigned the Inclusion Badge.  This includes programs and activities that encompass workers with disabilities, all minorities, genders and ages, current military and veterans, LGBT and alternative lifestyles as well as mental health awareness.

Career Development

The Career Development Badge refers to companies that offer formalized “career-paths”, specific training and/or formalized development opportunities and programs. Companies may choose to offer tuition reimbursement, training in programs like Six Sigma, stipends to attend industry conferences as well as strategies and opportunities that nurture employees’ ability to become successful and grow. Companies that are assigned this badge invest in their employees’ education and training; in exchange, employees make significant contributions as they develop their talents within the organization.

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